Seven Web Site Tips To Attract Search Engine Crawlers

Search engine positioning is the most important online quest both for beginners and professionals. Why? 85% of internet people rely on search engines to find something they want.

The fact is that we can’t live without search engines. It is so easy for us to find what we want on the internet. According to Netcraft (2002), there are approximately 38,118,962 websites. So imagine if we don’t have search engines to find things for us.

But to get indexed in search engines especially staying in the first 5 search engine results from pages requires a continuous process of website optimization. Here are some tips that are useful to make search engines find your web pages and rank them well:

  1. Search engine crawlers love content web pages:
    Always put some text with your main keywords. Say you are offering a search engine optimization service. See the difference between these two lines: “Our service comes with 24/7 support”

“Our search engine optimization service comes with 24/7 support”. Get the point? But repeating the same word unnecessarily may not be good.

  1. Text in images can not be read by search engines:
    Image-only pages usually get poor ranking. Try to cut down the number of images. If you want to put images put them on web pages with content and ‘ALT’ tabs.
  2. Links from the already indexed website:
    The most important tip is to keep a link to your new website from a website that is already listed in search engines. Search engine crawlers go from page to page through these links finding new websites.
  3. Links between page to page of the same website:
    Search engine crawlers move from one web page to other through navigational links. So don’t forget to keep links to your main pages from all pages. That means all important pages of your website are reachable from each other.
  4. Text Links:
    Try to keep text links instead of a button or image pointing to a web page. Make sure this text link has one keyword that pertains to your business.
  5. Javascript on your web pages:
    Minimize javascript effects and the search engine crawler doesn’t get the content in between … tags if you use the javascript to include content on web pages.
  6. URL of pages:
    Not all search engines don’t crawl pages with special characters generated dynamically by CGI scripts. So try to avoid presenting your web pages
    as CGI-generated pages.