Easy And Simple Steps To Get Listed In Search Engines

Search engines are one of THE best resources for free advertising. Better your website’s search engine position better be the traffic generation. 85% of internet users go to search engines and find the information they want.

So you better hurry to follow these simple tips to get a guaranteed listing and good positioning in search engines.

  1. Put a link to your new website from an already indexed website (s). If you don’t have a website that is already indexed then propose a joint venture with other website owners for link exchanges. Needless to say that the website you are going to exchange links must be indexed already.

Search engine crawlers love to follow links from one website to other. So there will be more chances of your site crawling through these links.

  1. Put some content on every page. Minimize graphics. Search engines can not read graphics. Only ALT tags (not all search engines). So if there is a graphic don’t forget to put the ALT tag.

Try to sprinkle some important keywords that pertain to your website all through the content. Search engines give weight to the pages where the keyword appears more often. Again DON’T spam the search engines.

  1. Links: Put links from every page to other important sections of your website. Your home page may not contain details about your products. But make sure to insert links to other product pages.

Most people keep buttons and graphics to links. Instead, put text links. Though they don’t look attractive to human eyes, give weight to your pages. For example instead of a button with ‘search engine tips’, you can keep a text link with ‘search engine tips’ and link to that page. Certainly, it is a very important keyword for a website that sells an ebook on search engine optimization.

  1. Metatags: The title tag is very important. Especially for Google. If you get a good position in Google means, your website traffic will be staggering. It is worth it.

Search for your web site related keywords and use them for the title, and keywords and to keep them in your content.

  1. Update Your Website: Most webmasters neglect this part of search engine optimization. Do it regularly like every 3 – 6 months.

Adding some content, changing keywords according to popularity and updating the present content, etc. will do the job.